Me (Oonagh) smiling on a beach in a long grey felt coat and my hands in my pockets

Mana Mana


I am Oonagh Staerck, founder of Mana Mana, a creative brand and website design studio in West Lothian, Scotland. ‘Mana’ in Portuguese, is a slang word translating closely to the English word ‘sister’. It is a term of affection for a close friend or family member. Named for and in memory of my sister, Emma.

Mana Mana // Sister Sister

My Origin

After a long standing love affair with creative computing (Adobe Fireworks CS3 was my first love which was discontinued in 2013 – gulp) and an ever-growing crush on the world of business, I went back to the books in 2018 to study Art & Design on a super condensed and intensive course.

The course gave me the basic skills, insight and drive I needed to begin my journey designing for others. This, combined with my extensive work history in a wide variety of retail and service based roles and an obsessive need to learn; Mana Mana has grown, blossomed, shape-shifted and held over a dozen small-business hands as they took the next steps for their brand.

When asked what I would do if money was no object, my answer would be this. It is the thing that gets me up in the morning and that keeps me up at night. I love helping people to see the very best of their own creation and showing off that hard work to it’s maximum potential. It truly is my dream job.

What can I do for you?

Sometimes you need an outside pair of eyes to evaluate the best course of action, and even better, a pair of eyes which have been specifically trained for that exact task. I specialise in helping achieve a clean, cohesive look that beautifully captures the life and soul of a business and the wonderful minds behind it.

Your brand should be a reflection of your personal and business self. It should be flexible enough to incorporate small shifts, changes and challenges that you undertake. Branding is there to complement your efforts, not cloak them. It should build a sturdy platform for you to firmly and proudly stand upon to let your work truly shine.

I have spent my years in business researching, learning and designing. I’m practically overflowing with ideas on how to take your business to the next level and we haven’t even met yet!

If you want to hear some of my ideas, then let’s make sure we’re the perfect fit. Slide into my inbox for a no-obligation chat.