Each Branding Package is customisable & tailored specifically to suit your small business in all stages of life.

Small businesses are my cup of tea for many reasons, including my broad range of experience in independent retail and service based industries, but the main reason?

You and I both understand exactly what it’s like to wear all the business hats. The vast number of careers we have had to take a crash-course in and the obscene amount of hours we put in each day to keep things up to date and ticking over.

This kind of empathy is pretty invaluable when it comes to my line of work. Understanding all of the little quirks that make your business unique helps me to convey those beautiful details to your customers and allows them to fully understand who you are.

Try to think of your branding as an extra employee. Out there doing the hard work for you 24/7 and building a reliable relationship with your customers before you’ve even had a chance to say “Hello!”. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like something worth investing in.

Logo Design

Colour Palette & Font selection.


Business Stationery (inc. Business Cards)

Illustration and Illustrated Icons

Print Design

Digital Design

Packaging Design

Favicon Design

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Navy Blue Branding Postcard On a Cream Table with a Stem of Bunny Tail Grass

I can help you

Eye Icon Mana Mana Branding

Create a visual identity that represents your brand personality.

Megaphone Icon Mana Mana Branding

Curate your content and message specifically for your target demographic.

Mana Mana Branding
Feel confident in taking the next steps for your business.
Fist Mana Mana Branding

Display a strong, reliable and memorable visual identity.

But don’t just take my word for it. Read what some of my clients have had to say...

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“...Throughout the process Oonagh’s unwavering patience and attention to detail ensured we felt wholly supported and as though the project was as important to her as it was to us, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results – a really gorgeous interpretation of a somewhat hazy (and at times, contradictory!) brief from us. Everything was delivered seamlessly and to timetable, and we were really impressed with the high level of presentation and luxurious finish that made us feel like our spend was being returned tenfold in terms of value...”

Rosie Conrad, Lavender & Rose
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“...I didn’t want fuss, I wanted something timeless, a simple font but with a little extra touch, perhaps something hand drawn. Enter my favourite flower, the Lupin. I then left Oonagh to her own devices. When she sent me the logo I have never been so excited. No exaggeration, I actually called her because I couldn’t put into words how delighted I was. She nailed it and then some...”

Emma McDonald, Stems
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“You have been fabulous to work with. I cannot emphasise enough how well you captured what I needed this new logo to be. I can tell that you put everything into all your work and I totally get that. Your work is beautiful and so refreshing. I needed space in the look of my brand and you gave it to me! Everything feels so fresh and exciting and I cannot wait to get a refresh of my website done now. Thank you so very much.”

Lorna Kenny, Sakura

Take your branding to the next level.

Still not quite sure what I'm on about?

Here’s a scenario: You’re in a room. In front of you is a glass screen. Behind it, there are 20 pink feather boas. They vary in quality, but from a distance you’re unable to tell the difference between them. They all look the same.

Apart from one.

This one is carefully arranged on a golden mannequin inscribed with a cursive font. The words read ‘Bea’s Boas – The Best Boas in Business’. A warm, gentle light softly illuminates each feather. Is that a choir of angels you hear singing?

Now, I don’t know about you but I think I know which feathery friend I’m bringing home and I didn’t even come here for a darn boa! Gosh, she’s good.

This is what happens when your potential customers are shopping online for a product you sell. Research suggests that the average user spends less than 6 seconds looking at your content before deciding whether or not it’s something they want to pursue.

6 measly seconds. On average, a person reads just 20 words in 6 seconds. Is that enough to make your product stand out against the competition? Or is there something else you can do to build a sense of trust, quality and reliability without saying a single word?

I’ll give you a hint. It starts with a B and it ain’t Boas!